Screen Systems

Leader in the development of sophisticated new coatings. ISO-9001:2008 Certified

High Quality and Innovative Screens for Cinema and Pro AV

We are the #1 premium projection screen manufacturer in the world. Our cinema and custom AV screens leverage sophisticated coatings to deliver amazing visual experiences in any shape and size.


INNOVATION is our driving force. With our sophisticated coating laboratory, dynamic R&D department and the most dedicated team in the industry, we create screens that set the standard. We are the #1 Premium Projection Screen Provider in the World – trusted by IMAX Corporation and 7 of the top 10 cinema chains in the world.


Tailored screen solutions are the best option for those looking to achieve maximum visual impact. Each installation is designed for your specific environment by our team of mechanical designers and engineers. Each and every projection screen that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous quality testing; no other screen manufacturer meets our level of attention to detail in the production process.

  • Lower light output requirements with screens that reflect up to 40% more overall light than standard silver screens.
  • Reduce the hot spot effect with the most generous viewing cones of any other screen at comparable gain.
  • Cost-effective: Our made-to-order screen systems are priced competitively. Contact us for a quote, you’ll be surprised to see that custom doesn’t have to mean more expensive.
  • Practical: We bring all of our resources together to tailor screen solutions for your venue; guiding you every step of the way from design through to delivery and set up.
  • High quality: Each and every projection screen that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous quality testing far surpassing industry standards.


  • Leader in the development of sophisticated new coatings
  • Major player in 3D conversions worldwide
  • First screen manufacturer to work with RealD
  • Main supplier of Giant Screens for IMAX
  • Best 3D Silver Screen Signal-to-Noise Ratio in the industry
  • Innovative approach in creating unique products for special projects
  • Manufacturer of the World’s Largest 3D Silver Screen
  • ISO-9001:2008 Certified


Screen Surfaces – Our high-tech coatings deliver better quality images and offer lower operating costs because of the reduced demand on projector lamps.

Motorized Screens – Innovative, High Quality Motorized Screen Solutions

Screen Systems – Well-built, easy to install and made-to-order in any shape or size.

Specialty Screens – Our advanced black and gray specialty screens can handle the most difficult viewing angles or intrusive ambient light and follow spots.